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Leading by Example

January 14, 2021
Since day one Beth has been a true asset to Pine Grove Healthcare. When the pandemic started Beth went above and beyond to come in with an open mind and willing heart. She wanted to make a difference, lift spirits and help in any way she can. She has offered a hand to every department. Once she got settled in, and still to this day, she does what she calls "roundtable" discussions with staff where she invites every department to come to her and express any concerns they have as well as give ideas.

Beth sees how hard the backbone of the facility works and appreciates every role. In the first morning meeting Beth attended she said she is big on positivity and she lives up to that. She encourages staff every day to think of something they are thankful for. Thursdays have been dubbed "Thankful Thursday" where she buys a meal for everyone. On more than one occasion she has come into the facility on a holiday and cooked a meal for the staff who dedicate their holidays to our residents. The receptionist knows to expect her call every weekend just to check in and see how things are going.

One of the most cherished additions Beth has brought to the facility is her open "snack bar". She keeps chips, pop, candy, water, coffee on hand for residents whenever they need to come in and just have a snack and chat. The amount of things we could say about our administrator here at Pine Grove could continue on and on but what wraps it up is that we all feel very fortunate to have her and we can feel the love she has for our residents and staff.

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